KZE and Blast 1

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KZE and Blast 1

Mensaje por spralwers el Vie Dic 12, 2014 2:09 pm

Hablo Ingles. You can post in spanish if you want and I can use google translate.

Greetings, I've been looking through tutorials here (with google translate) and have been able to do many of them successfully. I am also a programmer and want to write programs so people don't have to hex edit. For example, with this tutorial:

I wrote a program to swap movesets between two characters and have my source code online, but because I am a new member I can't post those links. I can post links later or PM if you are interested.

I am writing more programs from the tutorials, however there are no tutorials for the following:
Modifying blast 1 effects
Modifying KZE core file (to change ki charge aura color, ki blast color, etc)
Modifying fA animation core file

I don't care about the animation core file. Does anyone know how to modify blast 1 effects and the KZE core file? If so, could anyone write a tutorial, or just explain in replies? The program for the moveset swap was very easy to write, because I could have the program look for the byte sequence "47 48 49 4A 4B 4C 4D 4E," then jump forward more lines. Is modifying blast 1 and KZE core file similar?


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